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Upholstery Cleaning

Clean, Fresh, Beautiful

Our company is IICRC Certified in upholstery cleaning, which means we've taken special training and testing to make sure we know how to safely effectively get your upholstery looking and smelling good as new! The IICRC recommends getting your upholstery cleaned every 12-24 months. This hot water extraction cleaning removes dirt hidden deep down in your furniture's upholstery, which left untouched can cause it to wear out faster. When you hire us to deep clean your upholstery, you'll love how clean, beautiful and refreshed your furniture looks! It also reduces dust and allergens and helps your furniture last longer. 


Whether you have a spill that needs to be addressed or your furniture needs a general refresh, you'll you'll be happy you hired us! Call us today, or click below to get a free estimate by email! 

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