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Carpet Cleaning

Soft, Clean, Refreshed

Did you know that hot water extraction cleaning is usually required every 12 - 18 months to maintain the warranty of your new carpet? That's because while vacuuming can take care of surface dirt, not even the strongest vacuum can remove the dirt hidden deep down in the fibers of your carpet. This causes your carpets to wear faster, especially in high-traffic areas. When you hire us to deep clean your carpets you'll love how soft, beautiful and refreshed they look! This deep cleaning reduces dust and allergens and helps your carpet last longer, as well as maintains your carpet's warranty. 


Whether your home or office carpet needs a routine cleaning, you need help with a stain, or your rental carpet needs a complete overhaul, you'll be happy you hired us! Call us today! 

Preparation for your carpet service:

- Remove any items you'd like us to clean under

- Make sure there is a clear path for our equipment to reach any room you want cleaned

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