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Carpet that feels soft, clean, and refreshed

Professional, reliable carpet cleaning and janitorial services for Medford, Central Point and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for a carpet cleaner that will do the job right? Tomlinson Carpet Cleaning is the answer! Our customers constantly tell us we're the best carpet cleaner they've ever used! Don’t settle for cut rate services that don’t use the right equipment to give you the best results, or will cut corners to make up for their cheap prices. Our professional IICRC trained service uses truck mounted equipment to ensure your carpet is cleaned to the highest standards. Our equipment heats the water to over 200 degrees which boosts the cleaning process. Our equipment also creates the suction to pull soil out from deep in the carpet fibers. Have you ever had your carpets cleaned by an untrained service that left them feeling crispy? That’s because they didn’t use the right chemistry. We use the right chemistry for the job and will leave your carpet feeling clean and soft. If you aren’t satisfied we will come back at no charge. Call today!  

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